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At Perigord what truly sets us apart is our people. We prioritise cultivating a positive culture and fostering a supportive environment. Nurturing excellence by encouraging collaboration, creativity and continuous learning.

Our committment to building an exceptional culture creates a distinctive ethos that permeates across our team, resonates in the quality of our work and appreciated by our valued clients.

Our team comprises talented individuals who embody creativity, expertise and dedication. They are the driving force behind our ability to provide exceptional print, communications and CX solutions that exceed expectations. Together, we thrive on collaboration, embracing challenges and continuously striving for excellence.

David Graham

Managing Director


Our Digital team is spearheaded by industry specialists and consultants specialising in data-driven insight, design and technology solutions, all aimed at enhancing customer engagement and experiences.

Our capabilities encompass expertise across regulated industries as well as diverse sectors and vertical markets. This collective proficiency empowers us to revolutionise the landscape of customer communication and experience management.

David Graham

Managing Director

With 30 years experience in print and communications, my responsibilities lie with steering the company’s strategic direction. The industry is rapidly changing, digital solutions are more in demand and we see innovation through technology pivotal to our client’s success.

Stephen Power

Commercial Director

A veteran of the Direct Communications industry both in the UK and Ireland. I believe that in an omni-channel world, Customer experience is a key driver of efficiencies, retention and revenue.

Heather Graham

People & Operations Director

Fostering exceptional individuals, molded by a robust company culture and harmonising operational efficiency are vital elements in delivering unparalleled products and services to our clients. My role revolves around ensuring these key components align to achieve our commitment to excellence.    

Pritpal Singh

Technical Director

A digital native with 20 years of expertise delivering change initiatives for large corporates and financial services. I bring a strategic mindset to every digital endeavor, delivering innovative and creative projects with a commercial focus.

Sue Thompson

Financial Controller

Supporting Perigord Digital through financial reporting and planning, I am privileged to play my part in a business providing innovative, tailored digital solutions which embrace the ever-growing wealth of technologies.

Briain Danagher

Digital Consultant

Passionate about driving digital transformation, I am a seasoned digital consultant dedicated to reshaping businesses for the future. A deep understanding of technology trends, I guide organisations through the complex landscape of digital evolution. My expertise lies in crafting strategic roadmaps that align with business goals, leveraging emerging technologies to enhance efficiency and competitiveness.

Maurice Cullen

Project Manager

35 years industry experience covering design, direct mail, digital and lithographic print, large format/point of sale and sale promotions, I have expertise both in customer service and production. Working with various creative companies across Europe, I support clients with cost effective solutions for all their CCM requirements.

Sarah Loughran

Head of Data & Design

I oversee Perigord Digital’s creative and design teams, who collaborate in close synergy with our technology specialists. My role involves crafting communications that not only exhibit ingenuity but also ensure an elevated customer experience for our clients.

Jimmy Smith

Head of IT

Highly qualified with over 20 years’ experience implementing and maintaining IT solutions globally to improve security, efficiencies and communications. I like a bit of adventure and can be seen checking out a sunrise/sunset at the top of a mountain.

Binu Varghese


A developer with over 15 years in the communications industry, adept at harnessing technologies cutting-edge capabilities. Passionate about constructing innovative solutions to optimise communication channels, driving enhanced customer experiences and business growth.

Barry Ryan

Senior Account Executive

With over 40 years’ experience in the printing industry, I bring my expertise to each and every project we undertake. Working closely with clients, my role is to ensure your print and communications experience is seamless. Working with the team at Perigord, I have access to the latest innovations in print, design and delivery.

Joe Clavin

Senior UI/UX Designer

I bring a wealth of expertise in designing intuitive, aesthetically pleasing interfaces that prioritise user experience. My skillset includes user research, wireframing, prototyping, and conducting usability testing to ensure seamless interaction and engagement across digital platforms.

Ciaran Cassidy

Senior Account Executive

With over 30 years of experience in the print and packaging industry, I bring extensive expertise in business development, strategic planning, and client relationship management. My track record includes driving growth, fostering partnerships, and delivering tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of clients in the print and packaging space.

Stuart Sinclair


Over 30 years in the IT sector and the last 27 of these specialising in the communcations sector. A vast skillset in online development and data management. Love getting outdoors with a passion for cycling to get my coffee.

Renaud Fontana

Front-end Developer

A Front-end developer with over 15 years experience across large corporate and financial services. I possess proficiency in a multitude of front-end languages and frameworks, my skillset encompasses creating responsive and visually appealing user interfaces, ensuring seamless user experiences across various platforms

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