Sustainability Leading Tomorrow’s Environemental Excellence.

Our commitment extends beyond mere rhetoric, as we pledge to operate our print and communications business with the utmost efficiency while minimising our environmental footprint. We understand that every action we take has an impact, and we are dedicated to making that impact a positive one. Through continuous innovation, responsible sourcing, and eco-friendly practices, we aim to set new benchmarks for environmental stewardship in the print industry.

Heather Graham

Director, People & Operations


At Perigord, we provide quality products and services that always try to exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers – it is our policy to ensure that the value and effort of both employees and suppliers alike are fully recognised in attaining our goals. We are committed to ensuring that the proper emphasis is put on quality, training, development and safety so that our workforce will always be capable of exceeding the customer and business requirements.

We are proud to be certified for our environmental (ISO14001) and quality management (ISO9001/PS9000) systems. Additionally we hold ISO27001 certification for our strong committment to Information Security Management and the provision of consistent data processing.



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Information Security Management


Environmental Management